Chenin Blanc Wines

Chenin Blanc wines

Chenin Blanc Wines

Chenin Blanc wines come from the Chenin Blanc grape which is a white wine grape variety from the Loire Valley of France. The grape is highly acidic and can produce a variety of wines from sparkling wines, dessert wines and dry white wines that consist of quince and apple flavors. In South Africa the Chenin Blanc grape is called Steen.

Chenin Blanc Profile
Fruit- Quince, Yellow Apple, Pear
Other- Chamomile, Honey
Serving Temperature- 45-55 F
Decant- none
Age- 5-10 years

Chenin Blanc Wine Reviews:
French Chenin Blanc Wines
Lacheteau Vouvray 2010
Les Pouches Saumur 2009
Pichon Claude Michel Chenin Blanc 2018

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