Moroccan Wines

Moroccan Wines-
Morocco is the second largest producer of wine in the Arab world. 75% of the wine produced in the country is red wine with 20% Rosé and vin gris and 3% white. Most of the wine is consumed within the country, but higher quality wines can be exported to France.


Morocco’s wine regions:
1. The East
2. Meknès/Fès
3. The Northern Plain
4. Rabat/ Casablanca
5. El-Jadida

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Moroccan Wines:

Nuits Blanches Rosé 2019

Nuits Blanches Rosé 2019


Nuits Blanches Rosé 2019 Country- Morocco Brand- Thalvin Vintage- 2019 Type- Rosé Varietal- Pink Wine Price- $$ Average Wine Rating- 3.5 Description: Nuits Blanches Rosé [...]