White Zinfandel Wines

White Zinfandel Grapes

White Zinfandel Wines

White Zinfandel wines are often referred to as White Zins. The wine comes from the red Zinfandel grape, but it gets it’s name ‘White Zinfandel’ from how those grapes are processed. The wine is known can be dry to sweet with citrusy and light flavors of orange, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry and cherry. It’s best served chilled and great for a hot summer day!

White Zinfandel Profile
Fruit- Strawberry, Honeydew Melon, Watermelon
Other- Rose Petal, Celery
Serving Temperature- 38-45 F
Decant- none
Age- 3-5 years

White Zinfandel Wine Reviews:
Top Picks:
Coastal Ridge White Zinfandel 2007

American White Zinfandel Wines
Coastal Ridge White Zinfandel 2007

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