Fontana D’Italia Chianti 2007

Fontana D'Italia Chianti 2007

Fontana D’Italia Chianti 2007

Country- Italy
Brand-  Fontana D’Italia
Vintage- 2007
Type- Chianti
Varietal- Red Wine
Price- $
Average Wine Rating- 3

Fontana D’Italia Chianti 2007 has vanilla tones which are balanced by black cherry fruit in both the aroma and flavors.  The wine is medium bodied with a silky mouth feel, and a refreshing finish with perfect acidic balance.

Tobin’s Review 3 out of 5
Fontana D’Italia’s 2007 Chianti is not a heavy Chianti.  The flavors are cherry with a mild hint of vanilla.

Jeanine’s Review 3 out of 5
I taste vanilla in Fontana D’Itlaia’s 2007 Chianti.  It is not a heavy Chianti and has a cherry nose.

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